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الفارس “Golden Knight”

180,00 د.إ


Introducing “Golden Knight” – an olfactory journey fit for modern-day nobility.

Unveil the mystique of “Golden Knight,” where the ethereal dance of citrus notes entwines with the lush warmth of floral accents. At its zenith, a triumphant crescendo of orange blossom, peach, mandarin, and bergamot bestows an aura of regal charisma upon its wearer. As the heart unfolds, a bouquet of rose, jasmine, and orris blooms, weaving tales of romance and chivalry.

Yet, it is in the depths of the base where true majesty lies. Here, the enduring embrace of sandalwood, musk, amber, and cedar forms an unyielding foundation, echoing the strength and resilience of a gallant knight. Each spray encapsulates the essence of courage and grace, inspiring the wearer to conquer realms both known and unknown.

Embark on a sensory odyssey with “Golden Knight,” where every drop is a testament to valor and nobility.


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